When was the first Colt 45 revolver made?

When was the first Colt 45 revolver made?

Early Officer’s model made in 1909 with high luster blue. Finish has some tiny freckling. Grips are sharp. Bore is excellent. Very good overall condition. Colt 1917 .45 ACP caliber revolver. Beautifully engraved and chiseled Colt .45 ACP revolver. This revolver is extensively engraved with traditional Colt style scroll work.

What kind of Revolver was the colt officer’s model?

Colt Officer’s Model Target Revolver in… This second model Officer’s Model Target .38 Special revolver is in like new condition and is circa 1920. It is in its original box marked TARGET/ 6 [barrel length] Colt’s Officer’s Model Revolver .38/Wood Blue.

When did the colt new service revolver come out?

Shipped to the Commissioner of the RNWMP October 16, 1919 with a shipment of 200 Colt New Service revolvers. This revolver is well marked with MP on either side of the lanyard swivel.

Is there a colt 1917.45 ACP revolver for sale?

U.S. Property marked Colt 1917 .45 A.C.P. with very light wear to the finish. Revolver has been professionally reblued and the lanyard ring has been removed, plugged and filed down. Reproduction New S …Click for more info

The . 45 Colt was a joint development between Colt’s Patent Firearms Manufacturing Company, of Hartford, Connecticut, and the Union Metallic Cartridge Company of Bridgeport, Conn. Colt began work on the revolver in 1871, and submitted a sample to the U.S. Army in late 1872.

What are the serial numbers on a Colt revolver?

Take Colt revolver serial numbers for example: SA is Single Action, NF is New Frontier,… You could see the same thing on others: SP is Sporter, MT is Match Target,… Additionally, Colt also uses the characters in certain situations to illustrate the year of production.

When did the Colt Single Action Army come out?

1873. 1-199. 1907. 288000-303999. 1874. 200-14999. 1908. 304000-307999.

What does the capital C stand for in Colt serial numbers?

Some are pretty easy to figure out since they are the abbreviation of the weapon name. For example, SA is Single Action, NF is New Frontier, SP is Sporter, MT is Match Target and so on. On the other hand, a capital “C” prefix or suffix is used to indicate that the model is for Commercial use.

When did the Colt M1911 serial number change?

Started in 1912, the M1911 Commercial and its A1 variant got normal serial numbers with a simple prefix (or suffix). But in mid 1970, the serial numbers are not a continuation of the previous ones. Instead, now they have a “70” as the first two digits.