How do you write a maiden speech?

How do you write a maiden speech?

Some conventions apply to maiden speeches. They should: relate in some way to the subject of the debate; be brief (about 5 minutes); be uncontroversial (not politically contentious or critical); contain remarks about your constituency; contain a tribute to your predecessor, regardless of political party.

What is a maiden speech in Parliament?

A maiden speech is the first speech given by a newly elected or appointed member of a legislature or parliament. Another convention in the UK House of Commons is that a Member of Parliament will include tribute in a maiden speech to previous incumbents of their seat.

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What is the purpose of a maiden speech?

A Member’s first speech, previously referred to as a maiden speech, is a tradition that originated from the British House of Commons. It is a significant occasion and an opportunity for a new Member to outline to Parliament what they hope to achieve.

How do you start a speech in Parliament?

OPENING LINE: EXAMPLES OF OPENING LINE: I rise to inform the House OR I rise to speak on OR I draw to the attention of the House OR I would like to advise the House of the recent events of OR I inform this House of OR At the outset I congratulate the Minister for OR I am pleased to advise the House OR Today I want to …

What’s the meaning of maiden voyage?

The maiden voyage of a ship, aircraft or other craft is the first journey made by the craft in its intended duty.

How do I access Hansard?

Public access to Hansard There is also a website (still in development) that contains electronic Hansards going back to the early Eighteenth Century at The Official Report is sold to the public by The Stationery Office and the Parliamentary Bookshop in Parliament Street.

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What is zero hour in the parliament?

The time immediately following the Question Hour has come to be known as “Zero Hour”. It starts at around 12 noon (hence the name) and members can, with prior notice to the Speaker, raise issues of importance during this time.

What does maiden mean in the Titanic?

Filters. (nautical) The first trip of a vessel in its intended duty. The Titanic hit an iceberg and sank on her maiden voyage.

Did the Titanic sank on its maiden voyage?

The Titanic sailed out of Southampton, England, on its maiden and only voyage on April 10th, 1912. Construction of the ship began two years earlier in Belfast, Ireland and was completed March 31st, 1912. Days after setting sail, on April 15th, 1912, the Titanic sank after colliding with an iceberg.

What is Hansard written on?

Hansard is an edited record of what was said in Parliament. It also includes votes, written ministerial statements and written answers to parliamentary questions.

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How far back does Hansard go?

The official report of all Parliamentary debates. Find Members, their contributions, debates, petitions and divisions from published Hansard reports dating back over 200 years.