Is Blue Book of Gun Values accurate?

Is Blue Book of Gun Values accurate?

It’s not 100% correct but 95% of the time it is right. The secret is to make sure you are looking at the most current edition. Condition is everything. You have to be honest with yourself and other people when you price guns.

What is the latest edition of the Blue Book of Gun Values?

The Blue Book of Gun Values 42nd Edition has been expanded and updated to include new makes, models, and values on discontinued and current firearms through 2021. All gun values have been thoroughly updated for both modern and antique firearms including recent paramilitary and modern sporting rifles.

Which is the best website for gun values?

In short, it means turning to a reputable resource such as Gun Values by Gun Digest ( ). Gun Digest takes its value guides seriously and set out with one purpose in mind regarding Gun Values — design an online gun values resource for serious collectors and retailers … or the enthusiast looking to buy or sell a single gun.

Where can I find gun values by Gun Digest?

Gun Values by Gun Digest contains all the pricing data from our annual Standard Catalog of Firearms in a mobile-friendly web site that is easy to navigate. Now you can get estimated values and detailed descriptions for virtually every rifle, shotgun, and handgun manufactured in…

Where can I find a good price for a gun?

You can argue all you want but that single scratch is going to keep you from getting the “excellent” price even if you’re selling to a private party. Them’s the breaks. Find the going used rate for your gun – Go to, or even (although the last one isn’t free) and find your gun.

How many guns are there in gun values?

And like the Standard Catalog, Gun Values sets itself apart from similar resources with the depth of its information. Far from simply a litany of dry and vague prices, the website features more than 7,500 firearms images, along with detailed descriptions and histories of nearly every model.