Is the MAUSER HSC a good gun?

Is the MAUSER HSC a good gun?

The Mauser HSc-80 is a solidly made little gun. It has an all steel construction with a decent blued finish and decent wood grips—nice, but not particularly fancy though. In general, the fit and finish was pretty good.

What year was my MAUSER HSC made?

Mauser HSc
Manufacturer Mauser
Produced 1940–1977
No. built Over 334,000
Variants HSc Super

Which round has killed the most humans?

22LR ammo has killed more people in the USA than any other caliber(s).” That DOJ study can be found HERE in this 1989 study which states: “Probably more people in this country have been killed by . 22 rimfires than all other calibers combined, which, based on body count, would compel the use of .

What was the original caliber of the Mauser HSc?

The pistol originally chambered the 7.65 mm (.32 ACP) cartridge, but the majority of Mauser HScs manufactured in the 1970s were chambered in 9mm Kurz (.380 ACP).

Can a Mauser HSc-80 be used for 9mm?

If you come across a Mauser HSc-80 chambered to shoot the 9mm Ultra, I’d recommend that you let it pass.

Where can I buy a Mauser Model 1910?

#253P MAUSER MODEL 1910 AUTO, 6.35 cal., 3 1/2″ bbl., SN 2537XX, may be made for export, marked “Made in Germany” on right side of frame, 95% blue, VG bore & checkered wood grips. Click for more info “This excellent 7.65mm (32ACP) Mauser HSc pistol has the Police Eagle L proof mark at the left rear of the trigger guard.

What kind of gun is the Mauser P-08?

Mauser Luger P-08 pistol chambered in 9mm Luger, this item is stamped “S/42” and has the early Nazi Proof mark, All extrenal serial numbers match except for magazines. Comes w …Click for more info New Old Stock , Made in West Germany Mauser Hsc in original one piece box with extra mag,manual and factory test target.