What is a Colt Police Positive?

What is a Colt Police Positive?

The Colt Police Positive is a small-frame, double-action revolver featuring a six-round cylinder, chambered for either.32 or.38 caliber cartridges. Designed primarily for sale to federal, state, or local law enforcement agencies, the Police Positive was introduced into the firearms market by Colt’s Manufacturing Company in 1907.

What kind of Revolver is the Police Positive?

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What’s the difference between a police positive and a police special?

Police Positive Special. The Colt Police Positive Special was an iterative improvement of Colt’s earlier Police Positive model, the only differences being a slightly lengthened cylinder and elongated and strengthened frame to allow the chambering of the longer, more powerful .32-20 Winchester and .38 Special cartridges.

When did the Colt Police become the official police gun?

By 1927 the overwhelming sales of two popular models, the Army Special and Colt Police Positive, had assured Colt’s dominance of the law enforcement firearms market. Colt’s marketing strategy was further fine-tuned by making a few superficial alterations to the Army Special revolver and then renaming it as the “Official Police” model.

What kind of grips did the Colt Police use?

Sporting Colt’s standard hard rubber grips, it was offered with barrel lengths of 2.5 (available only in .32 caliber), 4, 5, and 6 inches, and was chambered for the .32 Long Colt (it would also accept the .32 Short Colt), .32 Colt New Police, and .38 Colt New Police cartridges. Checkered Walnut grips became standard after 1923.

What is the serial number of a Colt Police?

Colt Police Positive .38 Special Production Information Year Serial Number Range Year Serial Number Range 1908 1-12999 1941 474000-476999 1909 13000-22499 1942 477000-478999 1910 22500-35499 1943 479000-479499

What kind of bullets are in the Colt New Police?

You may have also noticed that I have mentioned .38 Colt New Police and to expand upon that, it is essentially Colt’s proprietary version of .38 S&W that typically featured flat-nosed bullets. Both are listed on the side of my revolver. With this revolver having roots in a police force I decided to pick up a silhouette target to do a grouping test.

Is the police positive target still on target?

The grip is ideal for most hands- not too small and not too large. It may not be shaped well for recoil control, an issue with the Police Positive Special .38 Special, but it doesn’t matter with the .22. The Police Positive Target’s rear sight adjusts via a screw that allows the blade to move.