Can you shoot slugs through a Browning Citori?

Can you shoot slugs through a Browning Citori?

All current production 12 and 20 gauge Citori shotgun barrels have been threaded to accept the Invector-Plus™ choke system. Invector choke tubes are compatible with factory ammunition that has been loaded in compliance with SAAMI specifications, including magnum lead and steel shot loads, sabots and shotgun slug loads.

Which barrel fires first on over under shotgun?

For shotguns with “single trigger”, when the trigger is pulled, the first barrel (bot- tom) is fired and then the second (top). For shotguns with “double trigger”, the front trigger fires the first barrel (bottom) and the rear trigger fires the second barrel (top).

What is IMP CYL choke?

Cylinder chokes are basically used for shooting targets at short distances. These types of situations would include hunting with buckshot or birdshot since those shell types accommodate distances up to 30 yards away. Cylinder chokes are also great with shotguns that you use for self-defense purposes.

Do slugs damage shotgun barrels?

Nope. Slugs will not hurt your barrel.

Can you shoot a .410 slug through a full choke?

Foster slugs are designed to compress to fit the bore, and are safe through a full choke. A similar thread on the other board brought a response from Mcb, who has done some extensive testing with . 410 slugs. The Foster style slugs are safe to shoot through any choke constriction.

Where do you find the choke on a Browning?

Chokes are an integral part of a modern shotgun. So when researching a Browning Citori or Citori 725 on the Browning website it is generally a good idea to confirm the type of choke each model is fitted with. Do this by looking on the barrel, on the choke or on our site by clicking on the model and looking under “Features.”

What makes Browning Citori O / you shotguns so good?

The locking bolt is tapered, as is the locking lug recess. This means that as wear occurs over the years the action stays tight. The barrels are struck full length as with traditional high quality doubles. The barrels are fitted with Browning’s Invector Plus choke tubes.

Is the Browning Citori Grade VI hand fitted?

The Grade VI is a very fancy shotgun! All Citori actions are hand fitted and come standard with selective hammer ejectors and a single selective single trigger. Like the Superposed, the barrels of Citori shotguns pivot on a full-length hinge pin that can be replaced should it ever wear. The chambers are chrome-plated to resist wear and corrosion.

When did the Browning Citori Lightning shotgun come out?

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