What is a 357 mag good for?

What is a 357 mag good for?

The . 357 Magnum is renowned as an accurate cartridge. So much so it is popular with silhouette shooters who reach out to 100 yards, or more, to knock down small steel targets. It is more than accurate enough for close quarters battle and hunting at reasonable ranges.

Why is 357 Magnum ammo so expensive?

357 Sig cartridge is a niche cartridge, with a special cache, because it delivers near . 357 Magnum ballistics in a shorter package. People who shoot it know they are shooting something special, so they are often willing to pay the premium for the premium cartridge.

Is the henry.357 Magnum a budget gun?

The traditional look, feel, reliability and accuracy that comes from an authentic Henry rifle makes them the perfect partner to your trusty wheel gun or introduction to this legendary caliber. A reasonable price point does not make this gun a budget model.

Which is better a.357 Magnum or A.38 special?

38 Special actually came way before .357 Magnum and despite the drastic performance differences between the two, .38 Special is still incredibly popular due to its more manageable recoil. We firmly believe that every gun owner needs at least one .357 Magnum in their safe.

How many clays does a.357 Magnum have?

.357 Magnum – Manufacturer Loading Data 90 gr Clays (Hodgdon) Starting: 2.7 gr 780 90 gr Clays (Hodgdon) Max: 3.5 gr 1,106 90 gr Titegroup (Hodgdon) Starting: 3.0 gr 850 90 gr Titegroup (Hodgdon) Max: 4.0 gr 1,107 90 gr Trail Boss (Hodgdon) Starting: 3.5 gr 969

Which is the most powerful.357 Magnum in the world?

To state the very obvious, .357 Magnum has stood the test of time. For decades it was the most powerful handgun cartridge available. It’s performance and pop-culture status makes it the most popular revolver caliber in the world, and pairing that revolver with a Henry makes for an unbeatable duo.