When did Browning start using Invector chokes?

When did Browning start using Invector chokes?

The Invector, or “”Standard Invector” system” was introduced in 1983. A few years later, the Invector-Plus chokes were introduced to fit the new back-bored shotgun barrels. These two choke systems will not interchange.

What is the purpose of extended choke tubes?

Proponents of the extended choke tubes argue the extra length leads to tighter shot constriction and eventually tighter shot patterns.

Can you fire slugs through a full choke?

Yes, you can fire a slug through a full choke, and it’s relatively safe (ALWAYS read the ammunition advice). Rifled slugs can be designed to deform through the narrower choke, but will lose both power and accuracy relative to a cylinder or improved cylinder choke.

What does Invector plus mean?

Invector Plus features a longer design for improved pattern performance. Considered a significant breakthrough in choke tube design. Standard Invector Choke Tubes. The original Browning removable choke tube system. These fit only shotguns marked Invector or Standard Invector.

When was the InVector plus choke introduced by Browning?

It was made in 1991 and these may have been the first guns to have the plus chokes. This gun came with all sorts of features that before this were only custom add ons. Adjustable stock, high rib that could be moved up or down to change point of impact,recoil reducer in the stock that moved in and out and worked like a shock absorber on a car.

What kind of choke tube does Browning use?

” Browning has had only Invector and Invector Plus choke tubes throughout the line up to this point. The Citori 725 and now the new A5 is going to make a lot of aftermarket choke tube makers very, very happy.

When was the Browning Citori over under made?

The production of the Citori over/under shotgun began in 1973. It has gone through many configurations in the years and is currently still in production. The information below is critical must have knowledge necessary for ordering parts, wood, and barrels for your Browning Citori.

What kind of Invector does a Browning shotgun have?

In all cases, the 16, 28 and.410 barrels in multi-gauge sets will be STANDARD INVECTOR — this means for all current Browning shotguns. Generally, 12 and 20 gauge barrels in Citori 725 sets will be Invector-DS. Generally current 12 and 20 gauge barrels in Citori (non-725) sets will be Invector Plus.