What kind of receiver does a Beretta Silver Hawk have?

What kind of receiver does a Beretta Silver Hawk have?

The Beretta Silver Hawk 471 was made in 12 and 20 gauge. There were two variants, the Silver Hawk 471 with an engraved nickel, chromium-molybdenum steel alloy receiver, and the Silver Hawk 471 EL with false “sidelock” side plates featuring gold ducks on a case hardened background.

What did the Beretta Silver Hawk 471 shotgun do?

The Beretta Silver Hawk 471 was an imaginative and highly practical effort to create a side by side shotgun that could be quite literally all things to all men. One could purchase a Silver Hawk with two or three barrels, one of which could be a slug barrel, and use the same gun for ducks, trap and simulated field, deer and wild pigs.

What kind of wood is a Beretta Silver Hawk made out of?

The stock of the Beretta 471 Silver Hawk was made from good-quality, fairly dense timber, with average figure. The walnut looked close-grained and strong. Wood-to-metal fit was first class. The stock was 14.5/8in long with nearly 1/2in extra at heel and 3/8in at toe.

Which is Beretta Silver Hawk Model 626 or 626?

The 626 model, however, had a second bent on each hammer acting as an intercepting sear in classic fashion. The new Beretta 471 Silver Hawk guns are more intricate internally, though, no doubt, even safer.

What kind of shotgun is a Beretta sidelock?

This is a very rare Beretta sidelock Stella grade Model 403 28 gauge hammer gun with 27-1/2” or 70 cm barrels that are choked Mod/Imp Mod. The chambers are 2-1/2″ and RST has the ammo. I have on …Click for more info Beretta 450 side lock SxS 12 gauge Pigeon gun.

When was the Beretta 450 side lock SxS made?

Beretta 450 side lock SxS 12 gauge Pigeon gun. Interesting gun that was made in 1954 and it is as tight and fresh today as it was then, some 64 years ago! Barrel markings tell th …Click for more info Guns by Sally-always the best for less. We are extremely proud to offer this seldom seen example of Beretta’s cape gun, the Combinato.