How much is a Browning BLR worth?

How much is a Browning BLR worth?

What is a BROWNING BLR rifle Worth? A BROWNING BLR rifle is currently worth an average price of $1,211.69 new and $934.37 used .

Is the Browning BLR a good rifle?

The BLR is, in my opinion, one of the best short/medium range hunting rifles made. You can get more accuracy with a bolt action, and you can get a faster shooting rifle with a semi-auto, but the BLR offers a great combination of both. That’s handy if you have to hike a few km’s back and forth from your hunting spot.

What does BLR stand for Browning?

Lever Action Browning Rifles
BLR. Browning Lever Rifle (Lever Action Browning Rifles)

Is the Browning BLR discontinued?

BLR Rifles No Longer In Production.

Does Browning still make the BLR?

The Browning BLR (Browning Lever-Action Rifle) is a modern rack and pinion action system available in over 20 variants, of which three are still currently in production for 2020, one is available in limited edition and one, a fascinating takedown model discussed below, ended production in 2016.

How accurate is a Browning BAR?

Shooting Statistics

Accuracy: 2.037 in.
Smallest Group: 1.691 in.
Barrel Length: 18 in.
Overall Length: 39 ³⁄₈ in.
Price: $1,469

Is the BLR accurate?

The . 308 Winchester is widely considered to be an accurate cartridge. With their front locking bolts, the BLR and Long Ranger are as intrinsically accurate as comparable autoloading, falling block and bolt action hunting rifles. I found no quantifiable difference in their inherent accuracy.

What is the most accurate lever-action rifle?

4 Best Lever Rifles Today

  1. Henry Rifle. If you want a smooth as silk action in an American made rifle you need to treat yourself to a Henry.
  2. Marlin 336SS. The 336 Stainless is chambered in .
  3. Winchester Model 1894. The Model 94 is a classic everyone should own.
  4. Marlin 1895 Custom Shop 45-70.

When was the first Browning BLR magazine made?

Browning Factory Original BLR Rifle Magazine / Clip for BLR rifles manufactured between 1981 to present. These magazines will fit Browning BLR model 81, BLR Lightning, and BLR Lightweight rifles.

Where can I buy parts for a Browning BLR?

Browse our huge selection to get the parts that you have been looking for to complete your restoration. As the world’s largest supplier of gun parts, you can be sure that we have the widest offering of Browning BLR parts and the experience that you need from a supplier.

What kind of magazine does a Browning lever action rifle have?

American walnut, straight ’81-style with classic round forearm or pistol grip stock with Schnabel forearm. High-gloss finish. Checkered. The flush-mounted detachable box magazine has a capacity of three magnum or four standard rounds, plus one in the chamber.

Are there any pre 81 BLR rifle magazines?

The Pre ’81 BLR rifle magazines are obsolete. Midwest Gun Works DOES NOT ship high capacity magazines to the states listed below. Midwest Gun Works DOES NOT offer refunds in place of the magazines. It is the customer’s responsibility for understanding state and local laws regarding magazine capacities.