Is the Bernardelli Model 68 still in production?

Is the Bernardelli Model 68 still in production?

Hogg and Walter state that production ceased in 1970, but the gun was still being advertised on the company website in 2003 in all three calibers, and even in 2009 the Bernardelli website still listed the Model 68–the only pistol listed. The 6.35mm Bernadelli is marked “V. BERNADELLI S.P.A. CAL 6.35 MOD. 68 / GARDONE V.T. MADE IN ITALY ”.

How big is the barrel of a Bernardelli shotgun?

This Bernardelli Model Acciaio Special is a side by side shotgun in 12 Ga. It has 27.5 inch barrels with extractors and a solid rib. a brass bead front sight. With 2 3/4 inch chambers it has fixed Ful …Click for more info

What do the initials stand for on a Bernardelli pistol?

It is sometimes referred to as the “VB” because of the initials on the grip, but the VB initials, which stand for Vincenzo Bernardelli, are on almost every Bernardelli pistol ever made and so can hardly be considered a model designation.

What kind of gun is the baby V Bernardelli?

The opportunity is given today to write on the gun mod 68 or “Baby” V.Bernardelli.The weapon that I present to you is in gauge: 6.35 mm or 25 acp. I wanted to talk about this weapon because I did not expect to find such a beautiful finish on a weapon of this type, namely: a small defense gun.

Where is the disconnector on a Bernardelli rifle?

The Bernardelli disconnector is a sickle-shaped lever on the left side of the gun which is depressed by the slide as it moves toward the rear. It is held in place by the slide and usually falls off when the gun is field stripped.

How to field strip a Bernardelli Model 60?

1 Begin field-stripping the Model 60 by moving manual safety (39) up to safe position. Push back magazine catch (44) and remove magazine. Draw slide (5) fully rearward to clear chamber. Hold takedown catch (38) depressed and pull slide rearward %”. Then, lift rear of slide and ease forward off frame (12). Remove recoil spring (11).

What kind of magazine does a Bernardelli VP have?

In 1949 Bernardelli introduced the Baby model, which was simply the VP chambered for the .22 long or the .22 short cartridge. The magazine holds six rounds. I have read that the long and short versions are the same gun with different magazines, but cannot verify this personally.