When did the Ranger 12 gauge shotgun come out?

When did the Ranger 12 gauge shotgun come out?

I have a Ranger 12 gauge double barrel shotgun with patent Apr 20 1915 on the right side of the receiver; Ranger on the left side; and proof tested 12 gauge on the top of the left barrel. I’ve heard (read) that Stevens manufactured these guns for Montgomery Ward.

What kind of gun did my dad have?

My Dad had a Winchester Ranger double he bought before my older sister was born. It was a fine gun, except that the stock was too short. He used the excuse that he bought it for Mom. So, she had him cut the stock cut down to fit her.

Who are the manufacturers of the Ranger shotgun?

If the only name on your shotgun is Ranger, you likely have a gun manufactured for Sears, Roebuck & Co. by any number of manufacturers including Savage, Stevens, H&R, Winchester and Marlin. As suggested by wpage, photos would help. Also, look for a model number. With either or both, we should be able to solve your puzzle.

Where was the Golden Age of double barrel shotguns?

During the golden years of American double guns, there were several primary companies making guns. All originated in New York State except Parker, in Connecticut, and early Foxes originating in Philadelphia, but later made in New York. The Golden age of American shotguns lasted only about 40 years, from about 1890 until the Great Depression.

How much does a 12 gauge gun cost?

Today, quality 12-gauge field grade guns from all the American makers during this era can be found and purchased for less than $1,000. Smaller gauges progressively cost more, with 20-gauge guns generally bringing at least twice the price of a 12 gauge. Sixteen-gauge guns generally fall somewhere in between.

What’s the serial number on an old ranger shotgun?

Side by side double barrel with double triggers. For end wood and metal stamped with serial number, as is the stock. Post subject: Re: Old Ranger shotgun. What year is it???

What kind of shotgun is Springfield Arms Double Barrel?

My Dad just gave me my Grandfathers Springfield Arms 12 gauge double barrel shotgun. Does anyone on here know anything about these guns? Its old and there is only a number on the bottom of the barrel and receiver that match, I see no other markings on this gun except Proof Tested 12 GA on the barrel.

What kind of gun is the Ranger 5000?

Your gun was made by J. Stevens Arms Co. RANGER was a Sears, Roebuck & Co. “trade name.”. 5000 was a basic Stevens action type used in a variety of Stevens, Riverside, Springfield and “trade name” doubles between WW-I and WW-II.

Where did the name Ranger shotgun come from?

There were two uses of the name RANGER. Either one is a “Trade Brand Name” shotgun. A “Trade Brand Name” shotgun is one made by a major maker for and sold by a wholesaler or retailer who chose the name to go on the gun.

What kind of gun is the J Stevens Ranger?

Stevens guns with “Trade Brand Names” are the same as guns with the Stevens name but not as well finished and have hardwood stocks instead of walnut.I have one listing for a double barrel with the name Ranger and it made by the J. Stevens Arms & Tool Company. When was the gun made?

How much does a savage double barrel rifle cost?

Stevens Arms Savage model 311 311A SxS 12ga double barrel PRICE: $399.00 MANUFACTURER: Stevens Arms

Where can I buy a side by side shotgun?

It is available in 12, 16, 20, and 28 gauges with the option to choose a double trigger or a single trigger. Get it Now! Made in Turkey, these side by side shotguns were introduced in 2002. They are also produced in Italy for certain models that Bernardelli produces for sale. They are typically available in 12, 16, and 20-gauge models. Get it Now!

When did the Browning side by side shotgun go out of production?

The Browning BSS went out of production in 1983, and what can be bought today are the ones on resale. This gun is built like a tank and will seldom jam if it has been cared for properly. The gun is just 6.4 lbs in weight and very easy to carry and maintain. The Browning BSS is a very rare find these days.