What kind of gun is a Parker 20 gauge?

What kind of gun is a Parker 20 gauge?

This is a very nice Ugartechea Parker Hale grade two side by side in twenty gauge. The grade two gun has an english straight stock, coin finished receiver that is generously engrav… (read more) Parker – VH, Zero Frame, 20ga. 26″ Barrels Choked IM/F. Double trigger extractor, excellent screws, 75% case color, perfect barrel blue.

What’s the serial number on a Parker DH 20 gauge?

I am looking to buy a Parker Brothers DH 20 Gauge SxS Shotgun. It has it’s original case and the serial numebr range in in the 200,000. It is in excellent condition. Can you help me come up with a fair price? I know it is tough not seeing it but anything would help.

What is the serial number of a Parker Shotgun?

Thanks Rick. I bought a Parker 12 Ga double hammer shotgun.Serial number is 42081,with #2 above,last patent date june 25 1878.engraved with birds.Any information appreciated. Robert Hi I have a Parker Trojan 20 gauge side by side serial # 195251 and a Parker 12 gauge Single Trap serial # 238161.

What kind of gun is a Parker Ugartechea?

Parker Hale Ugartechea 28ga 25″ Imp/Mod bbls,double triggers,ejectors,silver engraved receiver,14 1/4″ LOP to leather covered pad,not shot much. GUN COLLECTIONS WANTED FOR CASH! We… (read more) PARKER TROJAN BUTT PLATE 16 – 20 GAUGE Approximately 4 7/8″ X 1 1/2″ The Finest Quality Reproduction Urethane Butt Plates.

What kind of barrel does a Parker Shotgun have?

This 12 gauge original Hammerless shotgun has Damascus 30″ barrels with Parker Bros Makers Meridan Conn Damascus Steel stamped on the matted barrel rib. Both barrel …Click for more info Gun is in the 133k serial range. 30 inch barrels are choked Full and Full.

How big are the barrels on a Parker 12ga?

Incredible Parker A1 Special 12ga with 32″barrels – 1 of just 13 made! Truly incredible Parker A-1 Special. This gun made with 32″ Whitworth barrels. According to the Parker Story, just 13 A-1 Special 12bore guns were made with 32″barrels.

What’s the serial number on a Parker Shotgun?

General Specs: Parker, Year 1926, 20 Gauge, 6lbs 7oz, Chokes SK/M Serial Number: 217463 What a delightful little bird gun we have here. Some fine Parkers are made for shooting at t… (read more)