What frame is a Ruger Speed Six?

What frame is a Ruger Speed Six?

The “Speed Six” variant of the Six Series was offered in either a 4 or 6 inch barrel and differed from the other models by having a compact, round-butt grip frame and was offered in the . 38 S&W caliber, popular in British Commonwealth counties.

When did Ruger stop making the security Six?

With slightly more than 1.2 million guns produced, the Security-Six was discontinued in 1985. It was replaced one year later with Ruger’s GP100, while the Police Service-Six and the Speed-Six stayed in the line until 1988.

Why did Ruger stop making the security Six?

The main reason (although Ruger will never admit this) is that the GP100 and its investment cast frame required less millwork and hand-fitting to produce but was still a similar quality product. Ruger was unable to continue to produce the Six series at a lower price than S&W while still showing a profit.

How big is the barrel on a Ruger Speed Six?

I haven’t seen a Ruger Speed/Security Six in years. I have owned a few SP101’s and other revolvers as well. My Speed Six has the 2.75″ barrel. It is a little larger than the SP and smaller than the GP. I find it to be the perfect carry revolver.

What are the dimensions of a Ruger Security Six?

Ruger also chambered the Security-Six in .38 Special for some police orders by fitting different cylinders that could only accommodate the .38 Special cartridge. Barrel lengths available on the Security-Six included 2.75, 4, and 6 inches.

Where did the Ruger Security Six revolvers come from?

All Security-Six series revolvers came with original equipment manufacturer (OEM) supplied service-style wooden grips. The wood grips were all manufactured for Ruger by W.F. Lett Manufacturing in New Hampshire, a now-defunct contractor.

What kind of grips does a Ruger Speed Six use?

Blued finish,2 3/4″ bbl., either Pachmeyer or Hougue rubber grips. Still locks up tight, has some holster wear ( I`m assuming) at some places on the finish and I`m guessing a trigger job at one time as the trigger pull in DA is pretty light.