Does Smith and Wesson make Walther?

Does Smith and Wesson make Walther?

In 1999, the US based Smith & Wesson company became the authorized importer for Walther Firearms. In 2012, the PW Group formed a new subsidiary, Walther Arms, Inc., located in Fort Smith, Arkansas, to take over distribution of Walther arms in the United States.

Is Walther PPS a good gun?

The Walther PPS is a very good gun, and one I recommend to anyone needing a compact pistol for self-defense. Â The PPS is extremely reliable and easy to shoot. For me, the PPS does not make the ideal concealed carry pistol based on the magazine release.

What does PPS stand for in Walther?

Polizei-Pistole Schmal / Police Pistol Slim
Sights. Interchangeable 3-dot iron sight. The Walther PPS (Polizei-Pistole Schmal / Police Pistol Slim) is a semi-automatic pistol developed by the German company Carl Walther GmbH Sportwaffen of Ulm for concealed carry for civilians and plainclothes law enforcement personnel.

Does Smith & Wesson make the Walther P22?

(January 17, 2012) – Smith & Wesson Corp. the exclusive United States distributor of Walther® products, today announced a new version of the popular P22 pistol with an integrated laser sight.

Which Walther pistol is the best?

Walther CCP M2 380: Newest Of Walther Guns Is A Slam-Dunk Next is, without doubt, the best of the Walther guns in . 380 – the Walther CCP M2 380.

What is the difference between Walther PPS and PPQ?

An obvious difference is the slide release on the pistols. The PPS has a little nub (similar to a Glock), whereas the PPQ has the very easy to actuate gargantuan levers. You may like or dislike either one. Some people are die-hard “sling-shotters”, others like being able to drop the slide without adjusting your grip.

What is the best Walther handgun?

Walther CCP M2 380: Newest Of Walther Guns Is A Slam-Dunk Next is, without doubt, the best of the Walther guns in . 380 – the Walther CCP M2 380. We shot this pistol at SHOT Show 2020 and were dumbstruck by the almost total absence of felt recoil.

Is a Walther P22 good for self defense?

The point is that the P22 is a very low quality pistol, in a less than confidence inspiring caliber for defense, IMO. I would feel better carrying a higher quality pistol, and with a more suitable caliber for the purpose of defense.

Is a Walther P22 a good gun?

The P22 is a solid handgun that has the fit, finish, and features of a much more expensive gun. A lighter polymer frame is the perfect match for the softer shooting 22lr caliber.

Is the Walther PPS the same as Smith and Wesson?

Just as Walther is a venerable old name in handguns, so is Smith and Wesson. A few years back, Smith and Wesson blew the dust off another venerable name and brought back their Military and Police line for the 21 st Century.

When did Smith and Wesson start making the PPK?

But since 2014 there has been no production of the PPK or PPK/S in the U.S. Before that, Maryland-based Smith and Wesson made the pistol for Walther under contract beginning in 1998.

Are there any recalls on Walther PPK pistols?

When the manual safety is disengaged, Smith & Wesson’s Product Engineering Group has determined that the possibility exists in certain firearms that lowering the hammer may cause a chambered round to fire. This recall applies to all Walther PPK and PPK/S pistols manufactured by Smith & Wesson from March 21, 2002, until February 3, 2009.

How tall is the Walther PPS M2 in inches?

The Shield M2.0 is 4.5” tall with the flush-fitting magazine to the Walther’s 4.4”. The Shield M2.0 is 6.1” long to the PPS M2’s 6.3”. They are nearly identical in weight as well, with the Walther PPS M2 weighing in at 21.1 ounces unloaded, to the S&W Shield M2.0’s 18.3 ounce unloaded weight.