How big is the SunWatch Indian village in Dayton Ohio?

How big is the SunWatch Indian village in Dayton Ohio?

The dwellings and site plan of the 3-acre (1.2 ha) site are based on lengthy archeological excavations sponsored by the Dayton Society of Natural History, which owns and operates the site as an open-air museum. Because of its archaeological value, the site was listed in 1974 on the National Register of Historic Places.

When was SunWatch Indian village designated a National Historic Landmark?

Since that time, as the many years of archaeological research at the site have led to important findings about the Fort Ancient culture, SunWatch Indian Village was designated in 1990 as a National Historic Landmark. Amateurs had found some prehistoric materials at the site in the 1960s.

How do you set up SunWatch Indian village?

Using your smartphone, you’ll be given an app to download and a starting location. Once you arrive at the starting location, you’ll send a text to check in and get your game setup on the app.

Where to stay in Dayton, OH for SunWatch?

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Where was the SunWatch Indian village in Ohio?

Show map of Ohio. Show map of the United States. SunWatch Indian Village / Archaeological Park, previously known as the Incinerator Site, and designated by the Smithsonian trinomial 33-MY-57, is a reconstructed Fort Ancient Native American village next to the Great Miami River on West River Road in Dayton, Ohio.

Where is the SunWatch Center in Dayton OH?

The SunWatch Visitor center is located at 2301 W River Rd, Dayton, OH 45417. The facility was originally constructed in 1988.

What to do in the SunWatch Indian village?

SunWatch offers exploration and learning, both indoors and out! Visitors will enjoy immersing themselves in the 800-year-old reconstructed Village that features several structures located in their original, exact locations, as well as learning about the history of the Village and its inhabitants in the indoor Interpretive Center. Read more

How many people lived in the SunWatch village?

The studies have revealed much about the original people’s dwellings, social organization, diets, burial practices and other aspects of their lives at the site. The circular village, surrounded by defensive palisades, was occupied for about 20 years, with a total population of about 250.