The New Gmail – Material Design and 5 New Features

Google has recently launched a new update for Gmail, which brings the beautiful material design interface to our favorite email provider. That is not all, it introduces many requested features to help organize the inbox like options to send smart replies, snooze emails, and access events, notes, and more right inside Gmail. Check out the new feature in brief below:


Gmail for the website version, now comes with the latest Artificial intelligence features which includes feature of nudging as well which will remind you to follow up and also to respond to all the significant emails.

Smart Reply

Finally,  along awaited feature has been revealed by the Gmail to send user an automated or smart replies on their web version.

Snooze emails

The snooze feature in the new Gmail allows putting off emails which you are not able to attend right now. You can temporarily remove them from the inbox, i.e., postpone them to a future time or date until you are free enough to go through them at your convenient time. When you are ready to read them, you can check all the snoozed messages under Snoozed option in the Menu which is available in Gmail.

Offline support

The popular email service from Google now has revealed features native offline support that works without the old offline solution — Gmail Offline, which is an extension for Chrome. That means you can send and respond to emails, archive, delete, or even search the emails that are not older than 90 days — all these without the help of an Internet.

Confidential mode

Gmail offers a new confidential mode for privacy and security which is also a long-awaited feature that allows you to send sensitive emails without the issue of any privacy. With the use of this new feature, you can restrict the receivers from copying, downloading, forwarding, or printing your emails.

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